If there is one thing that every girl needs to learn from a flower, it is definitely to be beautiful inside out. In Baleton, we personally think that every type of flowers is beautiful in its own way. Some may like roses, some may like sunflowers, some may like orchids. It is just a matter of preferences. What attracts to us on the outside might not attract others. But, one thing everyone should agree, “what on the inside matters most”.

Most of people do agree that flowers are pretty, which is true. Yet, they are not just pretty, they are beneficial. They have a lot more things to offer rather than just their looks. And, that’s what every girl should learn. To be more than just pretty, to be more than just looking good on the outside. We guess it is safe to say that flowers are beautiful inside out. And, apparently they can make you more beautiful too!



Do you know that some of your skincare products may consist of flowers? Let’s talk about the one that is quite popular among the skincare junkies. It is none other than the rose water! This almost-every-girl’s favorite flower is not just attractive on the outside , it is also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E! Right, it is used for the anti-aging and anti-inflammatory formula! You love it even more, don’t you?


Or, have you ever heard about the calendula toner? Some brands even put the calendula petals in it! Yes, skincare products that consist of calendula extract is suitable even for the sensitive skin. Oh! You can even find it in a cup of relaxing tea. Some even said that it is good for your health! You may think that it doesn’t look as attractive as the other type of flowers, but it indeed has a lot of things to offer!



Ah, and have you heard about the lavender? Mayfield Lavender Farm in England might be the first thing that pops in your mind. Oh, wait, or you might think about the lavender aromatherapy that gives you calmness and wellness. But, wait until you discover how might it is as a skincare ingredient. It moisturizes skin, fights acne, andreduces the redness and acne scars! Oh, one more thing, it even helps to prevent wrinkles!



So, don’t you agree with us that flower is not just beautiful on the outside, yet also on the inside. Again, isn’t it all how a woman should be? To be beautiful inside out. Cause in the end, the inside is what matters most.



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