Seventh month of the year and it is time for Leo to shine. Oops, no, they always shine. Represented by the king of animals, Leo is bound to
rule. Well, with fire as the element and sun as the ruling planet, how can they not?Either an extrovert or an introvert, Leo is a natural born leader. You know it when you see it. They take the spotlight and catch your attention. Oh, no, not (always) in the negative way. Surprisingly, behind those coldhearted and aggresive appearances, there lies a soft heart. And, this time, you will only see it when you know them well. The warm-hearted side of Leo is definitely not for everyone. They will open up once they trust you. And, once they trust you, they will be very loyal to you. Yes, if only you are worthy of their trust.



So, what flower symbolizes Leo the most? It is none other than the Sunflower itself. Apparently the flower represents adoration and loyalty. Isn’t it very Leo-ish? Yes, I need to admit that sunflower is not for everyone to love. But, who doesn’t know her anyway? The one who catches your attention when you pass by. The one who shines bright with her brilliant yellow petals. And, the one who brings happiness around

So, Leo, do you know how much positive energy that you carry within? It is so much more than you can imagine.


P.s.: In general, yellow color symbolizes hope and happiness. Yes, these are two essential things that everyone needs to have yet often forgets in life. Therefore, a bouquet of yellow flowers may be a great way to represent a sincere prayer for hope and happiness. It is a gentle reminder for the receiver that there is hope, even if it is just a little, there is still hope. And, yes, to remind them that happiness is not something they can find around. Happiness is something within. Something inside of you. A powerful bouquet of flowers, isn’t it?

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