Did you know that the best roses in the world comes from Ecuador? In fact, Ecuadorian roses has the largest rose head compared to any roses from other countries and their sense are last longer. Can you imagine getting a flower from your loved one and it turns out to be a very big bloom rose with a gorgeous pink color and a touch of green? Yes, we are telling you one of our favorite’s which is Esperance Rose that comes directly from Ecuador. Just like its name that sounds so elegant, Esperance has a special place in our heart since day one, it represents the feeling of love, warm, and feminity. Esperance oftenly used in a bouquet and is perfect for a candle light dinner.
Of course, every roses has its own identity that makes us fall in love again and again just by seeing it, just like our top Quicksand rose falling with impression of vintage with its pale color yet they are bold and has a
strong character. Known as an innocence flower, Quicksand is one of the popular wedding flowers. No wonder they look so stunning, right? Definitely, a perfect choice if you want a rustic look on your big day.

Going on to our next top pick, the winner goes to the Shimmer rose.
It blooms like a ballerina dance gracefully and as they swirl, it shows us a gradation of beautiful white
and pink. You know what its perfect for? A garden party! Trust me, we were hypnotized once with this rose and
actually we still do. If you just look closer to the center part, the shape is just so pretty and you can feel the fluffiness when you touch it.

Last but not the least, the sophisticated rose or what we called Kahala rose.

For those of you who prefer a peach kind of color rather than a usual red roses, Kahala would be a great choice. The shades of peach and orange combined together doesn’t sounds like a perfect harmony, but Kahala changed it all. They look definitely unique yet extremely romantic and warm.

These roses are a real treasure but unfortunately they can’t be found in local roses, which gives us a choice to import it. Pretty sure with all the roses we tell you, making choices can be so hard as they’re all so beautiful, full of meaning and its uniqueness. If you have to ask us which rose is the best amongst all, we couldn’t give you the answer either. But, back to people’s taste, occasion, and purpose, we know we could find the best rose especially just for you.

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