These days, we have been watching the news and media saying that climate change is real. When we switch to other platform, there are also concerns about the human waste floating in the sea. So many problems in our environment, we started to be afraid about how long earth will survive and yet we also questioned on how could we help. Good news for those who are willing to get their hands on deck to help the earth regarding this issue. In this article, we are going to highlight one of the daily hero for earth, those who applied the zero waste lifestyle.
First, we would like to inform you to keep in mind that to start the zero waste lifestyle, it is totally okay not to be perfect on doing it! Keep in mind that this is the least thing we can do for our mother earth and it is totally fine to be not-so on point regarding this zero waste movement. After all, we are still learning and doing our best, right?

For start, we need these four mantras to help us working on the zero waste lifestyle or should we say from now on, the mantras for zero waste beginners. These four mantras are very crucial since these are the baby steps that could take you save the environment. The four mantras are refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle. We are going to explain it one by one so you too could be a zero waste beginner!
First stop, the first action that we could do is to refuse. Refuse in this context, is refusing to buy products or accept that could harm you, your company or even the environment. The key to this actions is “if it will eventually ends up in the trash, then just don’t take it”. Also by this action, we are also sending a message to huge companies of what we want and don’t! Secondly, it is to reduce. Reduce is to use less, basically in everything. If it is not really necessary, then simply do not use or buy it. Remember, less is more.
Next stop, if you ended up buying or accepting things, then reuse those stuff. Instead of buying or accepting the similar things again, we could always use it again and again, which is a good thing of course! The last but not least mantra is recycle. This action applies if and just if, the refuse or reduce action is not applicable. Recycling is an alternative and also a great way to toss or take a second thought regarding on what you are going to purchase in the future! Basically, you can recycle all things, like food wastes, fabrics, electronics, etc.
Psst, we are also still learning about these mantras too! We are doing our best shot to try these actions as a florist. Take as an example, we tend not to buy too much stuff for our florist production. Most florists might be regularly restock their flowers everyday, while acknowledging a big part of it will end up in the trash. Isn’t that heartbreaking to see the flower leftovers? We think if only it is necessary and having less chance to be leftovers, then we would buy it! Also, we also have the Everlasting Series. This product helped us so much in reducing our customer’s leftover bouquet since they are everlasting!
Readers, we are gladly to welcome you to join us with this new journey to save our earth. Once again, it is totally okay not to execute these actions flawlessly, what’s important is your small steps to help the earth. Let’s be the daily hero for our earth, the zero waste beginners!



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