Yes, as we mentioned before. We know nothing about flowers. Yes, they are beautiful. But, that’s the only knowledge we have about flowers. Ah, but if you want to consider it as a talent, maybe we should thank our mother.

She once worked in wedding industry, so she dealt quite a lot with flowers. She did not really do a hand bouquet arrangement at that moment, but she decorated the whole room with flowers. We guess it is safe to say that mommy started it all. She was the one who contacted the suppliers and taught us how to arrange flowers beautifully. She is awesome, we know.

But, sorry, mom. We gotta admit that the arrangement was quite old-fashioned for our generation, tee-hee! So, we decided to learn more (there is not limit in learning, don’t you think so?). We decided to find our own brand uniqueness. We decided to find who we are or maybe at that moment, who we aimed to be. We decided to stand out.

Then, one day, we stopped by a Korean-styled florist, which is based in South Korea through Instagram. The moment we saw it, we knew exactly that we wanted to be like them. We could say that there was no florist in Jakarta at that time that focused on Korean-styled arrangement. So, “why don’t we be one?”, that’s what we thought.

Vannes Flower, 2016

First Korean Bouquet



During that moment, we decided to take a workshop at Vaness Flowers, South Korea during our short trip there. We fell deeper to the arrangement. We love the broad selection of the flowers, we love the soft colour palette, we love how the bouquet is wrapped, we love everything about it.

So, yes, we are inspired by the Korean-styled arrangement. We completely changed the image of our products and started it firstly with the Korean-inspired bouquets as you can see on the picture attached. Very Korean, isn’t it? But, as time goes by, we realised that we have created a whole new image of Baleton. You can see a mixture of Asian and European in our bouquet. You can see art in it. But, on top of that, you can see Baleton. You can see us.

We have been through a lot of adaptations until today, until people look at our creations and they can surely say, “this is Baleton.” So, darling, there is no shortcut at all. It took a lot time and efforts. You need to allow yourself to be inspired, to be motivated by the things around you. You need to allow yourself to be criticised and learn to be a better you. There is always a room for improvement. The only constant thing in life is the change itself. So, yes, we are still so excited to see where life takes us next. We hope that you will still be there!

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