Why Does Wedding Bouquet Have To Be Expensive?

First, let’s talk about cost. Cost is the price written on the tag. It is some amount of money that you need to pay in exchange of the goods. What about value? Well, value is something that makes you willing to pay for it. It is the reason why you would sacrifice that specific amount of money in order to have that specific thing that you desire. Cost is talking about the nominal. But, when you are willing to queue on the long line to get that shoes that you want (which is also expensive), it is because you know that there is a value in those shoes. Do you see the difference? Okay, it is like a guy who is willing to drive his girl home no matter how far the distance is. Quite relatable, isn’t it?


So, what does it have to do with a wedding bouquet? We are talking about a wedding. We are talking about this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. We are talking about a beautiful union between two souls. Obviously, every bride expects something more for her wedding day.
And, of course, something meaningful. A wedding bouquet is clearly not an exception.

Besides the wedding gown, a wedding bouquet is the other thing that most brides will put all of her mind and heart into. Her right hand might be holding the hand of the man of her own dream. And, what is her left hand holds? It is none other than her dream wedding bouquet. Isn’t it something quite important to her? It definitely is.

Every bride is unique. Then, each wedding bouquet is different. It reflects the bride, it reflects who she is or what she wants. The type of flowers, the color palette, the theme, everything about it. It is no longer simply just a wedding bouquet. It becomes a form of art. It is about turning what she has been dreaming into a reality.


Technically speaking, a wedding bouquet is clearly different with a regular bouquet. In order to have something memorable on the big day,
some brides might want to have some types of flowers which are very limited in the market. It is far from the ordinary. It might be some imported flowers or seasonal flowers. And, of course, as a florist, we need to go extra miles for this special day. We will make sure that everything goes well and as perfect as what the bride has been dreaming of.

As a florist, we take a vow to turn the dream bouquet into a reality. We take a vow to only use the best quality flowers that the bride has requested. We take a vow to deliver the bouquet on time. We take a vow to guarantee that the flowers will stay fresh until the end. We take a vow to sacrifice ourself in order to see a happy smile on our bride’s face. Nothing less than these. Valuable, isn’t it?

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