When it comes to a bouquet of flower, every little thing has its own meaning.
The arrangement, the type of flowers, and even the color itself.
It feels like the flower somehow speaks for who it truly is.
It is so simple, yet so complicated at the same time.
However, isn’t it what makes it so special?

Darling, trust me, you don’t have to pick red, pink, or white flowers for every occasion.  In fact, these colors might not suit the message you want to share to the receiver.Hey, remember, every single thing has its own meaning, including the color.

What about yellow color? When it comes to a yellow flower, many will think about sunflower. But, there are so many beautiful yellow flowers out there for you to choose.

As a bright color, yellow symbolizes sunshine, hope, and happiness. It brings positivity and energy. It shows optimism and enthusiasm. Therefore, a bouquet of yellow flowers is indeed a great idea if you are about to share the message above. To cheer someone up, to give some support, and to pray for a success.

Below is some of the arrangementswe have made before with yellow flowers. Trust us, there are so many beautiful yellow flowers other than sunflower. Ah, right, since it is Leo, yes, it may be the one that catches your attention the most.



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