Baleton Point is a loyalty program for Baleton Loyal Customers, where Baleton Point will be earned by customers after the activation of eligible packages on Baleton Flowerchef website. Points collected can be exchanged for a variety of attractive offers that can be viewed in the Redeemable catalog in Baleton Flowerchef website.

  1. First, make sure you are a Baleton Customer and already registered as user of Baleton Flowerchef website.
  2. Points can be directly earn from activating certain eligible packages in Baleton Flowerchef website. Information about eligible packages and points earned can be seen on the package activation page.
  3. Points can be earned by redeemable by package activation using balance deduction or other payment methods that are available in the Baleton Flowerchef website.
  4. Points are earned within a maximum of 2 x 24 hours after activating the package.
  5. After points are earned, you can start exchanging them in Baleton Flowerchef website.
  1. You cannot get Points for activation of packages that are not eligible.
  2. You cannot get Points from activating packages other than in Baleton Flowerchef website.
  3. You can get Points from package activation using deduction or other payment methods that are available in the Baleton Flowerchef website.
  4. Points will expire within 1 year after being earned
  5. Points cannot be combined and/or transferred from one account to another.

Points can only be redeemed through the Baleton Flowerchef webssite on the redeemable catalog which can be viewed on Baleton Points information page. On that page, there are various reward options that can be exchanged with Baleton Points.

Redemption Items Redeem

Free Polaroid

150 Points

"Free Polaroid"

Discount 100 % for items

Max Discount 25.000

Discount valid for Products :

- Photo Card (Polaroid)


450 Points

"Exchange 450 Baleton Points to get FREE Baleton’s Eternel Series worth Rp 55.000-Rp 65.000. Color depends on stock availability. This coupon cannot be exchanged for cash"

Discount 100 %

Max Discount 65.000

Discount valid for Products :

- BB Eternel

- BB Coral Eternel

- BB Pink Eternel

- BB Purple Eternel

- BB Soft Blue Eternel

- BB Soft Purple Eternel

- BB Tosca Eternel

- Basket Eternel

- Caspea Eternel

- Eternel Klein|Eternel Klein Brown

- Eternel Klein|Eternel Klein Pink

- Light Pink Perizi Eternel

- Pink Perizi Eternel

- Thumbelina Eternel

- Wedding Rose Eternel

Free Delivery

1.800 Points

"Exchange 1.800 Baleton points to get FREE delivery use our Si Putih Delivery (Jabodetabek only) with maximum of Rp 250.000. Can be added to any fresh flowers or dried flowers purchase. This coupon cannot be exchanged for cash."

Discount 250.000 IDR for shipping

Max Discount 250.000

Online Course

12.000 Points

"Online Course"

Discount 100 %

Max Discount 750.000

Discount valid for Products :

- Brand Introduction & Product|Online

Blooming Cake - L Size

15.000 Points

"Blooming Cake - L Size"

Discount 100 %

Max Discount 1.000.000

Discount valid for Products :

Flower Class - Beginner

20.000 Points

"Flower Class - Beginner"

Discount 100 %

Max Discount 799.000

Discount valid for Products :

- Basic Hand-tied Bouquet Beginner Class

- Prewedding Beginner Class

- Round Box Beginner Class

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