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General Question

You can order in the following ways.
+ Buy directly on the website.
+ Order via WhatsApp: +62 815-1323-0570
+ Order directly at the shop: Jalan Muara Karang Manis no. 51, Pluit, North Jakarta

In all cases, we recommend ordering flowers 24 ho urs in advance , so we can help you better . However, for some important emergencies and simple flower samples, we can still accept orders in same-day delivery. Orders and payments via website after 5 pm will be processed and sent in the afternoon batch delivery We will do our best to help you.

Yes, you do. However, registration helps us to have better information to take care of you such as sending promotions, giving gifts.

To retrieve your password, click Forgot Password when logging in and follow the instructions.

You can pay directly, through a bank or pay online via Gopay, Visa, Mastercard, Akulaku. You can see detailed instructions here: Payment instructions.

Baleton Flowerchef we are alwa ys committed to customer interests first. Therefore, if yo u have something unsatisfied, we will refund the cost to you and include an apology gift from the company.

You can send them our website link via E-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or other social networks.

Satisfaction Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee is a promise from Baleton that makes to assure a buyer that a refund will be issued if the buyer is not satisfied with a product or service within a certain timeframe.

The Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that we will do what it takes for you to be satisfied with your lovely florist, Baleton Flowerchef, whatever it takes. If your flower arrangement doesn't fit, we'll help you return or exchange them. In other words, YOU ARE our top priority.

Satisfaction will always be our goal, and protection—is our promise. Welcome to BALETONPROMISE

- Your flower arrangement is wilted.
- Your flower arrangement's colors don’t match the request and must be adequately informed by the Baleton team.
- Delivery that doesn't match the departure time from Baleton Flowerchef if you use the "Si Putih" Baleton Flowerchef delivery service. If you use another expedition, we are not responsible for that.
- Your flower arrangement is the wrong size, you requested a large arrangement, but you got the small flower arrangement
- Your flower arrangement arrived damaged/broken/destroyed if you use the Baleton Flowerchef delivery service.
- Baleton Flowerchef sent your flower to wrong address.
- There was an error (typo), different type of note card, and wrong recipient on the greeting card from Baleton Flowerchef.

- Using an expedition or other shipping service options besides Baleton Flowerchef Delivery and a problem occurs during the delivery.
- Flower arrangements were damaged due to the customer's fault, placing the flowers in a hot room so that the flowers withered.
- Teman Baleton is recommended to wait to revise the flower arrangements while it will send.

After you explain your requirement, if you experience any issue you didn't initially tell us about before the Baleton Team or within a day after acceptance of the flowers, the problem is classified as new and unrelated.

These unrelated problems are not covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.
We appreciate you promptly notifying us within the latest 24 hours of any such problems.
If the problem is related to the repair we completed, or if we missed something, we will promptly resolve the issue to your full Satisfaction Guarantee!

You will receive and claim your Satisfaction Guarantee 24 hours after you get your flower arrangement.
Reach Baleton’s Customer Relations by providing photo evidence and telling us your story. We’re here to answer your questions.

You can contact our customer care through:
Whatsapp: +62 815-1323-0570
Please contact us if you are not satisfied. We would like the opportunity to make it right for you. Guaranteed!
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Membership Baleton


every user who creates a website account at Baleton, will get a voucher of IDR 50,000 (3 vouchers) which can be used on any product with a minimum purchase of IDR 300,000 The Dahlia Membership voucher code can be per-user (may be displayed on the check-out landing page):

1. BLT_Dahlia: Rp. 50,000 discount for all products with a minimum purchase of Rp. 300,000. (All products including online workshops, offline workshops, crafternoons, etc.)
2. BLT_Dahlia: IDR 50,000 discount for all products with a minimum purchase of IDR 300,000. (All products including online workshops, offline workshops, crafternoons, etc.)
3. BLT_DahliaOngkir: IDR 50,000 discount on shipping costs for a minimum purchase of IDR 350,000

Notes: 1 order can only use 1 voucher code

users who have a website account at Baleton and have made purchases 3 times can get many privileges, provided they are required to make transactions at least 3 times once on the Baleton website.

Privileges for Peony Membership:
As has been implemented by Baleton so far, it's just that if within 3 months they don't have a purchase on the Baleton website, they can't use "Baleton Points" and "Baleton Wallet".

1. New users who use VIP voucher codes will get a 5% discount
2. VIP users who recommend their voucher code, get a "commission fee" worth 5% which goes to the "Baleton Wallet"
3. VIP code voucher (your affiliate code voucher can be used for all products including online workshops, offline workshops, crafternoons, merchandise, flower arrangements, etc)
3. "Baleton Wallet" can be withdrawn to each account number. If you want to withdraw money from Baleton Wallet, there is an admin fee of IDR 35,000.
4. "Baleton Wallet" is different from "Baleton Point".

TNC Baleton Membership

a. Baleton membership is open to individuals aged 18 and over.
b. Each individual is only allowed to have one membership.

a. Prospective members must create an account on the Baleton website to become a member.
b. Prospective members must provide accurate and complete personal data when registering.
c. Registration as a member is considered as an agreement to the terms and conditions of membership.
a. Every new member who registers will get 3 Dahlia Membership vouchers worth IDR 50,000 each.
b. Vouchers can be used to get a discount of IDR 50,000 with a minimum purchase of IDR 300,000 on all products at the Baleton flower shop.
c. One order can only use one voucher.
d. The Dahlia Membership Voucher can also be used for an IDR 50,000 discount on shipping costs with a minimum purchase of IDR 350,000.
a. Peony Membership members are those who already have an account on the Baleton Flowerchef website and have made purchases at least 3 times in the last 3 months. If you do not make transactions for 3 months on the Baleton website, your account will not be able to enjoy Peony Membership privileges. It takes 1 transaction again to be able to enjoy these privileges.
b. Peony Membership members get the privilege of a 10% discount on all products at the Baleton Flowerchef’s website.
c. Peony Membership members have access to affiliate marketing programs.
d. Peony Membership members can use "Baleton Wallet" to receive a 5% commission from new users who use their VIP voucher code.
e. The "Baleton Wallet" can be withdrawn to the member's personal bank account subject to an admin fee of IDR 35,000. The minimum nominal withdrawal for "Baleton Wallet" is IDR 1,000,000.
a. Peony Membership members can use Baleton Points earned from purchases to get additional discounts or certain prizes according to Baleton's policy.
b. Baleton Wallet is a balance that Peony Membership members can withdraw to their personal bank account after reaching the minimum withdrawal limit and with an admin fee of IDR 35,000/withdrawal.
a. Baleton has the right to change or terminate the membership program and change the terms and conditions without prior notification.
b. Members can cancel their membership at any time by contacting Baleton's customer support team.
a. Members are responsible for the safe use of voucher codes and their personal information.
b. Members must comply with the terms and conditions and behave according to applicable norms.

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the Baleton Flowerchef. Be sure to check the membership page regularly.

Baleton Points

A satisfaction guarantee is a promise from Baleton that makes to assure a buyer that a refund will be issued if the buyer is not satisfied with a product or service within a certain timeframe.

Baleton Point is a loyalty program for Baleton Loyal Customers, where Baleton Point will be earned by customers after the activation of eligible packages on Baleton Flowerchef website. Points collected can be exchanged for a variety of attractive offers that can be viewed in the Redeemable catalog in Baleton Flowerchef website.

  1. First, make sure you are a Baleton Customer and already registered as user of Baleton Flowerchef website.
  2. Points can be directly earn from activating certain eligible packages in Baleton Flowerchef website. Information about eligible packages and points earned can be seen on the package activation page.
  3. Points can be earned by redeemable by package activation using balance deduction or other payment methods that are available in the Baleton Flowerchef website.
  4. Points are earned within a maximum of 2 x 24 hours after activating the package.
  5. After points are earned, you can start exchanging them in Baleton Flowerchef website.
  1. You cannot get Points for activation of packages that are not eligible.
  2. You cannot get Points from activating packages other than in Baleton Flowerchef website.
  3. You can get Points from package activation using deduction or other payment methods that are available in the Baleton Flowerchef website.
  4. Points will expire within 1 year after being earned
  5. Points cannot be combined and/or transferred from one account to another.

Points can only be redeemed through the Baleton Flowerchef webssite on the redeemable catalog which can be viewed on Baleton Points information page. On that page, there are various reward options that can be exchanged with Baleton Points.

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