Baleton's Diary - Apr 23, 2021

Rumah Baleton, the Beginning of Greater Good

Take a ride with us to our new adventure! Keep update on our progress and how rumahbaleton grows, follow our instagram : @rumahbaleton ...

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Baleton's Diary - Apr 14, 2021

#BaletonBerbagi: Lessons from Little Angels

Our story with little angels and how we can bring them a little bit of happiness...

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Baleton's Diary - Apr 03, 2021

March in Purple for #WomenPower with Baleton

This is how we celebrate WDI 2021 with #WomenPower and of course our special theme flower arrangement

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Baleton's Diary - May 07, 2020

Encourage Women through A Sustainable Business As A Florists a.k.a Sustainable Floristry

Hello again beautiful people! Today’s article we are going to talk about sustainability and how do florists support and maintain sustainability. Basically we would like ...

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Baleton's Diary - Mar 21, 2020

That Daily Hero, the Zero Waste Beginner

These days, we have been watching the news and media saying that climate change is real...

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Flower Encyclopedia - Feb 28, 2020

Our Top Picks for Flower Arrangement and Their Uniqueness

Did you know that the best roses in the world come from Ecuador? In fact, Ecuadorian roses have the largest rose head compared to any ...

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Baleton's Diary - Feb 08, 2020

Get to Know Florists During Valentine’s Day

What comes to your mind when you heard about February the 14th?

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Wedding Fever - Oct 19, 2019

Why Does Wedding Bouquet Have To Be Expensive?

Why is that?

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Baleton's Diary - Oct 04, 2019

As a florist is it a job or a hobby?

If you follow your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life, ” said someone named Tony Bennett....

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Flower Encyclopedia - Sep 13, 2019

Do you know how powerful these flowers are?

If there is one thing that every girl needs to learn from a flower, it is definitely to be beautiful inside out....

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