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Get to Know Florists During Valentine’s Day

What comes to your mind when you heard about February the 14th? Well most of you knows the answer, yet some of you will answer "that's just a typical date like any other date.". But in this article, we are going to talk about what some of you think as well; that...

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Why Does Wedding Bouquet Have To Be Expensive?

Why Does Wedding Bouquet Have To Be Expensive? First, let's talk about cost. Cost is the price written on the tag. It is some amount of money that you need to pay in exchange of the goods. What about value? Well, value is something that makes you willing to pay for...

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As a florist is it a job or a hobby?

"If you follow your passion, you'll never work a day in your life," said someone named Tony Bennett. But, is it always like that? How do you define the word 'work'? Anything that creates money? Or, anything that requires efforts and sacrifices? So, to be a florist, is...

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Do you know how powerful these flowers are?

If there is one thing that every girl needs to learn from a flower, it is definitely to be beautiful inside out. In Baleton, we personally think that every type of flowers is beautiful in its own way. Some may like roses, some may like sunflowers, some may like...

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Yellow Power

When it comes to a bouquet of flower, every little thing has its own meaning. The arrangement, the type of flowers, and even the color itself. It feels like the flower somehow speaks for who it truly is. It is so simple, yet so complicated at the same time. However,...

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LEO : A true natural born leader

Seventh month of the year and it is time for Leo to shine. Oops, no, they always shine. Represented by the king of animals, Leo is bound to rule. Well, with fire as the element and sun as the ruling planet, how can they not?Either an extrovert or an introvert, Leo is...

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This is Us, Baleton

Yes, as we mentioned before. We know nothing about flowers. Yes, they are beautiful. But, that’s the only knowledge we have about flowers. Ah, but if you want to consider it as a talent, maybe we should thank our mother. She once worked in wedding industry, so she...

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Stories of Baleton

What are we? Or, who are we? What are the stories behind Baleton Flowerchef? The question that many of you have been asking, perhaps? This must be the very first proper introduction we have ever done since our establishment in 2015. So, let’s begin, shall we? Nothing,...

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