Ariana Gayatri

Rp 650.000


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+ Premium Envelope | Rp. 20.000
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+ Premium Envelope | Rp. 20.000


Elegant, Classic and Pure. Are there any words to decribe the charm of white tulips more than those three words? We indeed see a figure of mothers when we create this vase collection. Another type of Home and Fleur classic edition, simply put those 10 to 20 stemp in a vase then put in the corner of your mother's room. Be ready to see her smile in the morning!♡

Note: the cut flowers and the vase will be packed separately in a box include with the floral food and scissors but not exatyly the same with the display suggestions.

  • Colour : White, Pink, Purple
  • Flowers: Tulip mix
  • Size :
  • Medium (10 stems) - 650k
  • Large (20 stems) – 955k 
  • Note: Including Vase + Premium Envelope 

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