Petite Sunflower

H:60cm W: 60cm D: 70cm

Rp 350.000


Add Ons :

+ Premium Envelope | Rp. 20.000
+ Photo Card (Polaroid) | Rp. 25.000
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You can also buy add ons for this products :

+ Premium Envelope | Rp. 20.000
+ Photo Card (Polaroid) | Rp. 25.000



You’ll get Import Sunflower as the main, with lisianthus,

pom-pom, leaves, and other fillers.

Amazing right? Who said that you can’t get beautiful things with affordable price.

This one is one of the best-seller and yes ofc very on high demand for graduation day.

Setiap produk ada kenaikan 200.000 - 500.000 untuk mix bouquet, kenaikan 100.000-1.000.000 untuk full rose tergantung bentuk produknya, sampai tanggal 15 februari,

Untuk pembelian bisa langsung melalui whatsapp kami disini

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