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A Beauty from the right flower that makes everyone looking

Established on 2015, Baleton Flowerchef has already become one of the finest florist in Jakarta with Korean-style as our technique of arrangement. We offer professionally designed flower arrangements in various forms; bouquet, round box, basket; for all occasions paired with outstanding customer service.


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Simple is the best.

What are we? Or, who are we? What are the stories behind Baleton Flowerchef? The question that many of you have been asking, perhaps? This must be the very first proper introduction we have ever done since our establishment in 2015. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Nothing, but love and passion. We started our journey with a very little knowledge about flowers. Yes, just love and passion. So, what do you say? Talent? No, we do not believe in that. Yet, we do believe in hard work. We do believe in trying and never giving up. Our signature Korean style that you commonly see today was not there four years ago. Ah, guess what? Puberty did hit us hard as well. But, still, it is not our finish point. Life is a never-ending process, so is Baleton. We will keep learning to know you better, to serve you better, and of course, love you better.

Starting with only 20 bouquets in 2015’s Valentine’s day, seven days after our official launch. Yes, the number that some people might laugh at. But, do you know how thrilled we were on that moment? At least there were 20 people whom we proudly called as customers. And, today, those 20 bouquets have turned into 200 bouquets in our last Valentine’s. Yes, this number might still be insignificant for some people. But, for us? We are more than just blessed to have this. More than thousands of bouquets have been sent out to our customers’ loved ones. Did we expect something like this four years ago? No, darling. No one really knows what the future holds, but we are so excited to see where we are heading to.

Today will not happen as it is without you, darling. None of this will happen. Your trust in us is the thing that keeps us going. Your support is what makes us want to be better each and every day. No, our journey is not as easy as it may seem. We faced struggles, we faced hardships from both external and internal. We still do. But, you, yes it is you who makes us stand stronger. So, nothing but thank you for your great love.

Trust us when we say, we do not just sell. We share. Stories and dreams. All the things we have been through and what we aim to achieve in the future. We share everything to you. We want our stories to become yours, to inspire, to motivate, to remind you that no journey is easy. Yet, it will be worth it in the end.

And, vice versa. We want your stories to become ours. It will be our greatest pleasure to be a part of your journey. To cherish your moments in life through floral and art with warmness, quality, and personalised design. Let us be a part of stories that you will hold dearly forever.

So, believe us when we say, we made this with love just for you.


We love hearing from happy customers.

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