Get to Know Florists During Valentine’s Day

Baleton's Diary - Feb 08, 2020


What comes to your mind when you heard about February the 14th? Well most of you knows the answer, yet some of you will answer “that’s just a typical date like any other date.”. But in this article, we are going to talk about what some of you think as well; that February 14th is Valentine’s Day! Annually, people from across the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. It is well-known as the day when we celebrate romantic love, admiration, and even friendship.There are kinds of way to express those feelings during the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Yet the most popular way to express those feelings are giving your partner some gifts like chocolate and flowers! Those two are the highly-requested combos during Valentine’s Day, and we of course, got a quite long list to do since there are a lot of people booked our flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day.


In this part, we would like to talk about our work, on how us as a florist, responding to this type of special day. Perhaps most of you might think that working as a florist especially on Valentine’s Day is all about taking this moment as a straight source to a bunch of cash. Well, you’re not wrong, tee-hee. But what you need to know it is not that simple, for real.

Few days before and during the Valentine’s Day, florists are at the peak of its hectic level since ever. How could it not? Hundreds of bouquet should be delivered by that day. Not to mention that us, as a florist, should make the customer satisfied by making sure that the flowers in the bouquet they ordered look flawless or well presentable. We need to be extra picky in choosing the right flowers from our flower supplier, even though they are running out of flowers to sell too which means our option are not that much.


Valentine’s Day, we are also facing the fact that we need to deal with the increase of our resources price. We are talking about our resources as in our flower supplier sells the flower with a higher price. And sadly, we also need to put up some more cash for the online transportation service to deliver our products to the customer. This is basically why flower bouquets during Valentine’s Day are more expensive compared to normal days.


Not to mention the energy and time that we need to spend on making customer’s orders during Valentine’s Day. A decent or a plenty amount of sleeping time was not an option for florist. The chaotic days of making bouquets starts on D-2. Long list on what to do, recapping the orders, restocking the items, and the whole process of making the product itself takes a lot of energy and time for sure. Added with during February 14th, we need to make sure that each of the bouquet arrived safely on customer’s hands.

Despite all of the downfall and chaotic moments, we consider Valentine’s Day as a special day. We are delighted since we get to bring up something new, to make our products grow and as a source of our content. We consider Valentine’s Day as the biggest annual event for florist. Even though it takes a lot of effort to run a florist on Valentine’s Day, we sees Valentine’s Day as a challenging experience that we get to know and ‘be friends’ with. As we all know, just in the count of days, we will have Valentine’s Day 2020. We are excited and we do hope for the best for this year’s Valentine’s Day!

Before we put this article to an end, we would love to share some quick tips for you, who wants to buy flower bouquets from florist, or from us to be precisely, for Valentine’s Day! First tip, get to know which bouquet that you would like to buy. We already posted some picture of our bouquets on Instagram. So make sure to go check @baletonflowerchef and choose your bouquet from our Valentine’s Day 2020 Catalogue since it’s up! Secondly, it is highly recommended to book the bouquet days before Valentine’s Day, this step will take you to a secure spot since we can assure you that your choice of flowers and wrappings or other materials of the bouquet are still available and a good to go.

Alright then, guess we are all agree that now we are more well-informed about running a florist business on Valentine’s Day. We do hope this article brings an impact to our reader. Make sure to keep in touch with us for more new articles regarding florist industry, folks!

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